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Environmentally sustainable housing with extremely low energy usage is the way into the future.

These ideas are not new or original. An amazing designer named Michael Reynolds invented a form of architecture called Biotecture. He was years ahead of his time, and was shunned by his piers. Now, his ideas and designs which have evolved for more than 40 years, and have finally found their time and place in modern society. For more information, visit

At Archetype homes we take inspiration from these and many other ideas, and can incorporate as much or as little as you like into a home design that is unique to you.

Imagine a home that maintains comfortable temperatures all year round, without the use of heaters or air-conditioners. Imagine waste water being turned into a flourishing garden - indoors or outdoors.
Imagine a home in which you exist in harmony with nature.

We work closely wth a Structural/Civil Engineer, who is able to certify the designs to satisfy the beurocracy required by our government.

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