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Basix Certificate

The Basix Certificate is a document that must now accompany most development applications in New South Wales

The Basix or Building and Sustanability Index, is designed to help reduce the energy and water consumption footprint of all new dwellings and major alterations.

We can help generate your basix certificate, but unlike many of our competitors, we discuss the options with you. There are hundreds of alternatives to achieve compliance.

Basix Compliance costs money (harsh but true).

A hastily(and possibly cheaply)prepared Basix can cost you thousands of dollars more in compliance measures.

We take care in preparing Basix commitments in order to meet regulations and your ideals while keeping costs as low as practical.

We offer very competitive rates on Basix certificate preparation. All we need is a copy (can be emailed) of your plans. We can complete a Basix certificate anywhere in the state. All we need are your house plans and a phone number to discuss details with you.

How much does basix cost?

Basix Certificates can cost anywhere from $150 to $800 (most near lower range)depending on the complexity of the building. We can supply a firm quote after seeing final plans.

Remember that compliance to Basix can cost upwards of $10,000 to $20,000.

We take care to provide the best possible outcome.


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